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Documents (these are links):
    Article: Jewish people organize in this city [Chronicle, 7/19/1903]
    Article: Synagogue is opened [Chronicle, 9/22/1903]

   Articles: Marion's Chosen Few: C-T Magazine edition focuses on

       Marion's Jewish Community, 7/17/1977 (revised link 3/28/17)

    B'nai Brith donation of truck to State of Israel

        Photo and identification (added 5/20/20)

    B'nai B'rith Bulletins [Do you have an edition that is not included here? If so, please contact me]
       B'nai B'rith News - October 1927 (added 2/17/13)
       B'nai B'rith Bulletin - November 1943 (added 2/17/13)
       B'nai B'rith Bulletin - January 1944 (added 2/17/13)
       B'nai B'rith Bulletin - February 1944 (added 2/17/13)
       B'nai B'rith Bulletin - April 1944 (added 2/17/13)
       B'nai B'rith Bulletin - June 1944 (added 2/17/13)
       B'nai B'rith Bulletin - August 1944 (added 2/13/13)
       B'nai B'rith Bulletin - October 1944 (added 2/17/13)
       B'nai B'rith Bulletin - December 1944 (added 2/17/13)
       B'nai B'rith Bulletin - January 1945

       B'nai B'rith Bulletin - March 1945

       B'nai B'rith Bulletin - May 1945

       B'nai B'rith Bulletin - July 1945  (added 2/13/13)
   Confirmation Program - 1936
   Confirmation Program - 1938 (also see photo)

    Rabbi Alex Goode, Student Rabbi & the story of The Four Chaplins

       Column by Ed Breen (Chronicle), 2/3/1985

       Article on program to honor Four Chaplins (Chronicle), date unknown

       Photo of Alexander D. Goode

       Stamp honoring the Four Chaplins

 (added 2/18/13)

   Program: "Dudes & Dames"
   Program: "You Can't Make a Silk Purse..."
   Rabbi Ken Roseman Remembers (added 2/13/13)
    Roster of Student Rabbis in Marion (incomplete) (added 2/17/13)

    Temple Bulletins / Newsletters (selected editions)   (added 2/21/13)

    Sinai Star (published by the Sunday School)     (added 2/21/13)

   Sinai Temple Dedication: March 14, 1937
    Sinai Temple 25th Anniversary: November 19, 1950
    Songsheet: "Toot-Toot-Tootsie" (from the going away party for Tootsie & Milt Abel.)

    World War II Casualties: Robert A. Simons and Bernard Glogas

added 2/18/13

Photos: these are links - additional photos are in the "community" section

   60th Anniversary of Sinai Temple (probably spring of 1997) - Photos:

     Jenny Maidenberg & Ann Secttor, Julian Secttor, Leo & Elaine Woontner,

     Marion Thompson, Joyce Maidenberg, Jim Frank & Frank Maidenberg,

     Jackie Steiner, Group, Cake, Julie & Art Kupersmith, Betty Fleck,

     Anne Ganz, David Goldsmith.

Added 2/18/13

   B'nai Brith bowling

    B'nai Brith (Marion) booth at unknown event, September 9, 1950

    Photo includes Jake Weinberg in the booth

Added 6/25/13

    Ethnic Festival, Matter Park:  1: Betty Fleck     2: Saul Tilson

Added 2/18/13

   Kids Succot at Temple-1

   Kids Succot at Temple-2

   Kids Succot at Temple-3

   Mamnako (Temple youth) article - 1956

   Mamnako Youth Group photo (mid-1960's)

    Barry Marks, Mark Zuckerman, David Maidenberg

    Mamnako Youth Group photo (mid-1960's)

    Florence Kushnarov, Reed Maidenberg, Alan Fleck, & Linda Zimmerman

   Nancy Lutz, Temple organist (this is from the 1950's or '60's)

    Nancy Lutz and the Temple Choir

Added 5/18/20

    Oneg Shabbat photo (1970's?)

          Photo #1     Photo #2

Added 2/24/13

   Saul Hutner 1860-1921 (namesake of Sinai Temple's B'nai Brith chapter)
   Sinai Temple, in early 1971

   Sisterhood District Convention - 1962

    Lillian Fleck, Anna Holland, Tillie Kuppin, Bea Fink

   Sisterhood event (Indianapolis?) early 1950's?

    Includes Irma Maidenberg (back row, 4th from left). Others included: Bea Cassen, Esther Fogel.

Added 6/25/13

   Sisterhood cookbook project (Chronicle photo, 10/9/66)

   with Faye and Marla Newbauer and Anne Louise Savesky

Added 5/18/20

   Sisterhood Style Show (Chronicle photo, date unknown)

   with Charlotte Resneck, Suky Lazard, & Anne Louise Savesky

Added 5/20/20

   Temple celebration

Added 5/21/20

    Temple event, summer 1976

    Chloe Goldsmith & Nancy Lutz

Added 5/24/20

   Temple Kids

    Jimmy Savesky Jeff Greenberg, Linda Zimmerman, Donnie Fehr, Helen Resneck,

    Donny Simkin, Ellen Greenberg, Joanie Diamond, Reed Maidenberg, Alan Fleck,

    David Maidenberg, David Roskin (mid-1950's)

Added 5/21/20

   Temple Sedar, early 1950's?

Added 6/25/13

   Temple show photos from the late 1950's:

1-Julian Secttor, Annette Klain, Chloe Goldsmith, Nan Maidenberg, Betty Fleck

2-Sylvia Greenberg, Beverly Ganz, Ann Secttor, Annette Klain, Nan Maidenberg


4-Betty Fleck, Ann Secttor, Tootsie Abel, Annette Klain, Ollie Kaplan?, Sylvia Greenberg, Chloe Goldsmith, Irma Maidenberg, Nan Maidenberg, Barbara Sue Plank

5-Ann Secttor, Sylvia Greenberg, Saul Kessler?, Chloe Goldsmith, Beverly Ganz

6-Ann Secttor & Nan Maidenberg

   Torah service photo -- (rear of photo with captions) -1
   VA Certificate to B'nai Brith

Confirmation Class Photographs

Some Added 6/24/13

   Confirmation Class of 1995

   Matthew Dodyk, Micah Maidenberg

   With Rabbi Kenneth Milhander

   Confirmation Class of 1994

   Jared Frank, Molly Maidenberg

   With Rabbi Sandra Cohen

   Confirmation Class of 1980

   Jared Steiner, Michelle Kupersmith, Dorcia Rosenberg, Sarah Goldsmith

   With Rabbi Bill Berk

   Confirmation Class of 1979

   Douglas Steiner

   With Rabbi Michael Berk

   Confirmation Class of 1976

   Susan Woontner, Marla Newbauer, Betsy Goldsmith

   With Rabbi David Gelfand

   Confirmation Class of 1972

   David Zuckerman, Donna Wolf, Scott Goldsmith, Jill Maidenberg, Michael Woontner

   With Rabbi Larry Kotok

   Confirmation Class of 1970

   Susan Rosenberg, Wendy Roskin, Michelle Napers, David Goldsmith, Robert Resneck, Norman Stiefler.

   With Rabbi Barton Lee

   Confirmation Class of 1967

   Mitch Ganz, Vicki Maidenberg, Terri Plank, Gary Roskin, Melanie Gottlieb, Ruth Zuckerman, Stuart Secttor, Debbie Fleck,

   Susie Resneck

   With Rabbi Stephen Levenson

   Confirmation Class of 1965

   Philip Ganz, Roger (Dusty) Resneck, Sherry Stiefler, Joan (Jody) Abel, Alice Resneck, Sandra (Sandy) Plank,

   Minda Wolf, Mark Zuckerman, David Maidenberg.

   With Rabbi Arnold Miller

   Confirmation Class of 1964

   Alan Fleck, Reed Maidenberg, James Savesky.

   With Rabbi Robert Frazin

   Confirmation Class of 1963

  Linda Zimmerman, Barry Marks, Jerome Secttor

   With Rabbi Charles Familant

   Confirmation Class of 1962

   Helen Resneck, Marlene Abel, Judy Fox, Julie Jacobs, Jimmy Resneck, Tony Maidenberg, David Ganz

   With Rabbi Norbert Samuelson

   Confirmation Class of 1959

   Lynn Fox, Dianne Secttor, William Resneck, Davida Weiss, Gail Kirz

   With Rabbi Jack Bemporad

   Confirmation Class of 1956   (Photo is badly faded)

   Phyllis Weinberg, Marilyn Ganz, Helen Markowitz

   With Rabbi Judah Miller

   Confirmation Class of 1954 (or '55?)

   Stephanie Keiner, Raymond Weinstein, Pamela Friedman, Michael Zimmerman, Toby Maidenberg, Larry Simkin

   With Rabbi Bill Rosenthal

   Confirmation Class of 1952 (?)

   Florence Berman, Ronnie Jacobs, Janet Ginsberg, Luch Berkowitz, Stanley Weinstein

   With Rabbi David Haken

   Confirmation Class of 1948

   Ben Maidenburg, Dorothy Zaremski, June Weinberg, Barbara Ginsburg, Edith Strauss, Sherman Zaremski

   With Rabbi Blackman

   Confirmation Class of 1944

   Selma Sonior, Gordon Lurie, Carolyn Lurie

   With Rabbi Albert Plotkin

   Confirmation Class of 1938 (also see program)

   (Not in photo order): Milton Abel, Corinne Glucksman, Louise Pickus, Louise Spiegal, Fanny Wunderbaum,

   Marygold Glogas, Leonard Lasky, Robert Simons, Louise Stiefler, Sam Wunderbaum, Roberta (Bobbe) Zimmerman.

   With Rabbi Jacob Polish