Ruth Zimmerman Lamonte


Ruth Lamonte with mother Rae (Rachael) and sister Libye (1936?)

Ruth with sisters Min & Libye. The boy is probably Arnold (Buddy) Horwitt (Min's son).


1936-Michigan City

George Zimmerman, Bill Zimmerman, Leonard Strauss

Helen Zimmerman, Ruth Lamonte, Julia Zimmerman, Libye Strayss

Bobette Zimmerman, Nancy Strauss, and Roberta (Bobbe) Zimmerman


Ruth Lamonte, Libye Strauss, Barrie Lamonte, Nan Maidenberg (holding Raymond), & Nancy Strauss


Ruth & relatives:

In rear: Leonard Strauss (married to Minnie's sister Libye),

Middle row: Ruth Zimmerman Lamonte, holding Barrie Lamonte. Minnie, Libye,

Front: Nancy Strauss, Raymond Strauss, Nanette Zimmerman Maidenberg.

This photo was probably taken in the mid-1940's.


Ruth with Ron Kittle, a star of Ruth's beloved Chicago White Sox (1990)